Established in 1963 by José Fandos under the name “IFA Tallers gràfics” and later directed by Ferrán Fandos, the printshop located on Carrer d’en Grassot 89 in Barcelona has become since 2011 the cultural association L’Automàtica.
Nowadays a space dedicated to experimentation, auto-
production, open dialogue and self-publishing.


L’AutomĂ tica

Two Heidelberg windmill platen-presses — Ten people forming a collective — One semi-automatic Ibérica platen press — A self-managed self-publishing project — A Universal Ibérica multi-finishing machine — A recovered social space for the city — a Haas paper guillotine — More than one hundred lead and wooden fonts — A Heidelberg GTO 52 offset printer — A workshop.

The story of how a collective of graphic designers and artists rescued an old letterpress printshop in Barcelona and turned it into a self-managed cultural association – keeping the original owner on as machinist, tutor and mentor – and who together are converting a once endangered traditional business into an active space for dialogue, workshops, carrying out jobs, learning the trade and experimentation.

We firmly believe in the transmission of knowledge, the recovery of spaces, autonomy and self-management, in the need to decelerate the rhythm, working local and most of all we believe in putting together strengths and passions to protect what is important for us.


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Friends of L’AutomĂ tica

There are various ways of approaching and collaborating with the continuity of L’Automàtica. Here is a list of some modalities we’ve created, but we are always open to people who can support the project with tool and material donations, Economic donations or assisting to the workshops and courses we do during the year.


Currently in L’AutomĂ tica we make introduction or advanced workshops on traditional letterpress printmaking, we are also opened to special workshops and to collaborations with local and foreign universities and education institutions.

We propose periodic open workshops where the students can have a direct experience working with all the traditional tools available on the printshop.


If you are interested in printing a project at L’automĂ tica, please write an e-mail explaining the general specifications: Printing technique, size, paper type, amount of colors, special finishes.

If you are interested in doing one of our workshops, subscribe to our mailing list so you can be informed of future dates, or if you simply want to get in contact with us for any other reason, please write to: — C/ de la Legalitat 18, 08024, Barcelona — Facebook page

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