Periodic workshops: Introduction to letterpress printing

02 . 01 . 2018 /

We host an intensive introductory letterpress printing workshop, the last weekend of every month

These are full-day workshops, where a reduced group of people meet in L’Automàtica to design, compose and produce a couple of pieces together only with lead and wooden type.

These are express workshops, where we’ll see (and work on) all the processes needed to produce these pieces together, We’ll also explain the basic principles of the letterpress printing system, and some of the technique’s History.

The price per student is 50€, it includes all the materials and when we are done, you’ll take some of the finished prints home with you.

If you are interested, please write an e-mail to tallers (at) lautomatica (dot) org.. It is necessary to pre-register, so we can keep a control on the very limited amount of students every month.

See you in L’Automàtica!


Next workshop: Sunday September the 30th

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